Ahsan and Linda's Most Excellent Sailing Adventures

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Are we Nuts?

9 October 2018

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We both knew nothing about sailing and here I was talking about us buying a catamaran.  We are not new to the water; we have both been rowing since we were 18, but have no idea of sailing.  Our exchange son, Gui (on the right in the picture with his wife, Juliana), brought up catamarans one day, and it just would not leave my imagination.  Gui has been dreaming of sailing around the world his whole life.  He sent some YouTube links to people trying their hands at catamarans and going to exotic places.  I spent a year doing research (watching YouTube!) and figured the best thing to do would be to buy a catamaran and put it in charter service for five years and see if it would be something we wanted to pursue.  At that point we could decide if we wanted to keep the catamaran or sell it. 

The first day of the show was beautiful and hot.  We were worried how Linda would be able to get around with bobbing docks and being on a crutch.  So she brought the second crutch to make it easier and did an awesome job getting around and on boats.

Linda wanted to inject some reality into the process so we decided to go to the largest boat show in the US, the Annapolis Boat Show.  The small problem was that Linda was still on crutches having fractured her knee in a fall.  She also gets sea-sick but really liked our sailing vacation in Turkey where we chartered a Gulet.  So she reluctantly but gamely decided to go along with my craziness and we walked (and in her case crutched) from boat to boat to check out the layout, size and space.  Some boardings were pretty dicey but she did it!

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